Biography Edit

Zombies or Known as "Zekes" are zombified humans that will either devour there victim or bite them and move to another. If someone gets bite by with one of them. They'll quickly turn but in some rare incidents, it might actually take a long time before reanimating.

Abilities Edit

Smartness Edit

They seem to have some type of intelligence with them. There able to smell prey from a mile away and also can make a latter to help themselves climb up walls.

Agility Edit

They seem pretty strong for there agility. Even jumping to a helicopter, this might be due to the fact that since zombies are dead. They don't feel anything, so if they are able to run. That means they can run all time if provoked.

TOS (Tips of Survival) Edit

  1. If you want escape a Zombie. You Cannot try to outrun them. Outrunning them is pointless if they can run all day, so you most likely be Zombie chow if you decide to outrun them.
  2. If decide to run. Find the most nearest shelter that has some kind of steel for example. A Abandoned Military Safe house, a Basement, etc. Somewhere that cannot be penetrated or you can some somewhere that they can't go up or down.
  3. If there is only one Zombie, Don't try to kill it with your gun because your gun is like a magnet. Once a gun is fired, more zombies will get attracted to it.
  4. You need to get sick. I mean, if you get the flu (if your not bit) thats good due to the fact that zombies hate infected meat. If you have healthy meat. Good Luck!